Top 3 Winter Sun Timeshare Breaks to book now


Now that the shorter days and cooler nights have set in across Britain and Ireland, it might be time to think about booking a winter timeshare break early next year, after the Christmas festivities are over and February looms with its often grey days.

Here are three destinations where the sun will (almost certainly) be shining and the mercury will be high enough to recharge your winter batteries nicely until spring comes along…


1. Marrakech

With its fantastic winter climate, alluring fragrances, busy souks, labyrinthine streets and mysterious ways, Marrakech is one of the world’s most exhilarating cities – and without a doubt one of the warmest winter destinations within a 3 to 4 hour flight from the UK.

Marrakech offers a captivating mix of history and mystique, with its 1001 Nights ambiance, snake charmers, ancient potions, maze of market streets and colourful stalls selling tempting wares.

Where to stay? Luxurious, tranquil and spacious, Hapimag’s stunning residence in the beautiful Palmeraie region of Marrakech could not be a more glamorous oasis of calm and pampering. Easy to get to,  yet so different from Europe, Morocco’s famous “pink city” is the ultimate exotic “hop-and-flop” destination close to home.


2. Malaga

 Golf season gets into full swing in southern Spain’s “winters” and it’s quite likely you’ll be celebrating New Year’s Day in a T-shirt if you’re lucky enough to have celebrated New Year’s Eve there.

While the rest of Europe freezes, Malaga tends to be blessed with warm days in winter, although the nights do cool down and you’ll need a jacket in the evenings.

The beaches are much quieter at this time of year so you’ll get more space on the sand to yourself, and if you’re exploring the coast, the traffic is significantly quieter than during high season.

Head west towards Gibraltar, and on to Tarifa for a taste of Moorish architecture and the kite surf lifestyle, or explore the inland villages like Casares for a feel of how the locals really live.

Once the sun goes down, head for a night out on the town in Marbella for a plate of tapas, Rioja and relaxed celebrity-spotting as you watch the world go by as another sun-drenched day comes to a close.

Where to stay? CLC World Resorts & Hotels has a number of resorts at its flagship HQ in Mijas Costa; all a short drive from Malaga airport and a very easy drive from Marbella and the charming little port of Cabopino.


3. The Canary Islands

They’re all warm in winter, and they’re all very different!  From Lanzarote’s amazing almost lunar landscape, to timeshare favourite Tenerife,  these islands just off the western coast of Morocco are famed for their guaranteed sunshine and choice of leisure activities.

One of the most interesting islands is Lanzarote, and because it’s just 70km from the Western Sahara, it has a desert-like climate which means brilliant sunshine and blue skies, even in December! If you’re planning an active holiday, why not take a trek across the island’s volcanic peaks or hire a car and explore some of the lost-in-time inland villages?

Where to stay? If you’re after a poolside holiday with beaches nearby and plenty to do every night,  Holiday Club Resorts’ Puerto Calma in Gran Canaria will tick all those boxes.


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