From tea bags to teddies…Britain's quirky travel habits revealed

From British tea bags in hand luggage to sneaking teddies into checked-in bags, the UK’s somewhat eccentric travel quirks have been revealed.

Norwegian Cruise Line recently asked passengers what they can’t leave behind when they go abroad and also found – no surprises! – that 40 per cent of Brits picked the weather as the number one thing they wanted to ‘get away’ from on holiday.

The survey of 2,000 travellers revealed that 6 per cent of us in the UK want to escape their neighbours, while one in 20 wanted a break from their other half.

Meanwhile, more than a quarter of the nation cannot holiday without packing their teabags, and 24 per cent of people take their slippers with them.

The results also suggest a positive year ahead this year for the tourism industry, with 19.7 per cent of Britons planning a special trip abroad, such as a special celebration, wedding or once in a lifetime family get together.  A further 44 per cent said they were planning a holiday.

Further facts included that almost one in five of us often observe a holiday tradition or quirk, including avoiding the number 13 in their seat number, hotel room or floor number!

A number of travellers also wear the same ‘going away’ outfit every time they getaway.

So next time you jet off or sail away for a timeshare break…pack the tea and the slippers!


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