Summer 2015's Top Travel Trends

Travel companies are always keeping tabs on what’s hot, where’s cheap, who’s flying where…and which is the new “it” destination. And this year is no different! Here are some of the top travel trends for 2015…so far!

London still sits at the top of the most popular travel destinations in Britain with Edinburgh not far behind. Surprisingly, Edinburgh’s accommodation has overtaken London’s in price with the average hotel costing £175 compared to £170 in London.

On an international level, timeshare and fractional favourite Dubai is turning out to be one of the most popular destinations overall, this year and cost-wise, prices have not risen dramatically since last year. The most spectacular increases have been seen in Salou and Benidorm, which have seen hotel prices rise by around 35 per cent. Despite this, not all of Europe has seen price spikes this summer – cities such as Rome and Sorrento have been dropping in price by around 12 or 13 per cent.

Flight trends show that Brits jet off on Fridays more than any other day of the week, with the average duration of a trip surprisingly short at just four days. Tuesday is the least popular day to depart making it a good option if you have holiday flexibility, as you’ll find flights can be quite a bit cheaper if you can fly out and fly back on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Europe – particularly the Mediterranean hotspots – still remain the top destination for Brits going away this summer,  with 37 per cent of us jetting off to Spain and 11 per cent to Greece.  Southern Spain is still clearly the top pick for Brits due to its short haul location, warm temperatures and low prices. On the long haul flight front, prices are cheap in the States and destinations like New York and Orlando are giving some European cities a run for their money, particularly in the autumn and winter months, with Orlando tempting tourists with sunshine and New York with pre-Christmas shopping!

Will you be staying in the UK, jetting off to Europe or heading off for a long haul holiday this summer? Share your travel tips and holiday trend news with us on Twitter at @Gotimeshare.

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