Want to learn Spanish? Come to Malaga


One of Europe’s favourite timeshare destinations also happens to be the perfect spot for those who want to learn Spanish while they enjoy a break on Spain’s sun-drenched southern coast.

With its 160km-long coastline and scorching sunshine, it’s little wonder that every year thousands of tourists from across the world flood the beaches of the Costa del Sol.

However, more and more visitors to the area are being drawn by the chance to learn Spanish at one of the region’s growing number of language schools.

Each year, around 33,000 tourists visit Malaga to improve their grasp of the Spanish language, combining a learning break with the chance to savour the beauty of Spain’s most southern coast.

The city of Malaga is one of the most popular language learning destinations in the whole of Spain, with more than 30 schools dedicated to teaching foreigners the local lingo.

In fact, the language industry makes around 80 million Euros every year for Andalucia, with half of that coming from Malaga alone.

The majority of the language students are German or Swiss, although some travel from as far away as China and India to improve their Spanish.

But, while these schools are a cash boost for the region, they are also helping the Spanish tourism industry in other ways.

Many of the more popular language programs include trips across Spain, as well as promoting cultural activities such as trips to flamenco performances, concerts, or cooking experiences with top Spanish chefs.

For more information on what’s happening this summer on the Costa del Sol, visit the official website at www.visitcostadelsol.com

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