Silverpoint Leisure releases its new Social Community website

Adding to the company’s current suite of award-winning websites, Silverpoint Leisure has released its new Social Community website.

The global leisure company, which has luxury holiday resorts around the world, has created this multi-language portal to enable customers and the general public to engage with the Silverpoint community via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all in one convenient place.

The rationale behind this extensive website is that, firstly, social media is very much part of the Internet experience in the 21st century and that, secondly, Silverpoint customers need a place to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions and provide vital feedback on the company’s policies and products.

Said Silverpoint Leisure’s CEO, Mark Cushway: “The vast majority of our customers are proud of the products they own and want to share their experiences with other members of the Silverpoint community.

“Up until now, new and potential members have only had the company’s corporate and product websites to give them information, and we felt it was vital for people not only to get information “from the horse’s mouth” but also to be able to provide their own feedback, whether good or bad, to give a full and balanced view of Silverpoint and its products”.

This balanced view is actively encouraged by the new site with direct feeds from Silverpoint’s Facebook, Trip Advisor, YouTube and Twitter pages as well as a regularly updated blog where readers are encouraged to leave comments and put forward their own opinions.

There is also a testimonial section which features not only feedback from members and guests who have stayed at a Silverpoint resort, but also from Silverpoint Experience clients who give their explanations about why they decided not to purchase a Silverpoint holiday product.

Silverpoint Leisure’s marketing manager, Susanna Thraves, explained the rationale behind this section of the site: “Our policy is to be as open and upfront as possible with potential customers.

“Our marketing campaigns and strategies are completely transparent and we wanted to show people who are maybe thinking of taking us up on one of our promotional offers that there is no obligation to buy anything when someone visits a Silverpoint resort. We want people to enjoy the experience and tell everyone about it. Word of mouth is one of the best ways of getting a product recognised and that is why social media is such a valuable marketing tool”.

For people who want to speak directly with the company there is even a “Get in Touch” section which allows you to submit your questions and receive a direct response from a member of the Silverpoint Customer Service team.

The video section of the site features Silverpoint’s latest promotional films for the Club Paradiso and Vacation Club products as well as videos of all things leisure related. Other sections provide great articles about Silverpoint destinations around the globe to help customers get the most from their Silverpoint holiday products as well as whet the appetites of any potential customers who may wish to try out a Silverpoint Promotional Holiday.

To join the new Silverpoint community visit:

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