RCI renews affiliation contract for six Petchey Leisure properties in Europe

RCI has renewed its affiliation agreement with six of Petchey Leisure’s European properties which are part of RCI’s international exchange portfolio. The renewal is part of a new deal between Leisure Dimensions Ltd and RCI.

European timeshare specialist Petchey Leisure was just recently acquired by Magnum Global Holdings Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Associate of MGM) and the new agreement means that Petchey’s six properties across Portugal, Spain and Tenerife will all be affiliated to RCI.

RCI will provide “white label club” servicing for Petchey Leisure’s Infiniti Points, Atlas Weeks, Atlas Points and Genesis Club brands from its call centres.
Commenting on the news, Isla Murray, project director at Petchey Leisure said, “RCI invented the exchange business nearly 40 years ago and has been the innovator and leader ever since.”

“Innovation is important to our business and I believe Petchey Leisure and RCI share the same vision for our industry going forward. We have worked successfully with RCI for many years and we are very happy to continue that partnership – this new agreement is especially important for the continuity of our sales operation.

“In addition, RCI offers exciting technological resources and marketing advantages for us through its international vision, as well as having the largest possible selection of vacation resorts for our owners. We are very pleased to be working with them,” continued Murray.

Dimitris Manikis, vice president, Business Development, RCI Europe, Middle East and Africa, also added, “We are delighted by Petchey Leisure’s continued commitment to RCI. Magnum Global Holdings Singapore Pte. Ltd. (associate of MGM) is new to our industry and as a hugely successful hospitality company, it brings with it great credibility.

“The acquisition of the Petchey Leisure brand is a very positive move and instantly makes this group a major player in the European market. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

For further information, please visit www.RCI.com and www.RCIAffiliates.com

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