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It seems oh so much longer than a week ago that Daddy E, Roo and I were jetting off from Birmingham Airport to Malaga for a week on the sunny Costa Del Sol as guests of CLC World Resorts & Hotels at their Club La Costa World resort members only San Diego Suites just outside Fuengirola.  Admittedly we’ve had beautiful weather since we got back but I’ve spent the week missing the wonderful food and brilliant facilities that helped to make our stay at Club La Costa a perfect family holiday.

club-la-costa-spainIf you haven’t heard of CLC World I will give you a quick rundown.  For nearly 30 years the company was known as Club La Costa Resorts & Hotels and has been one of the biggest players in the members only holiday market, now rebranded to reflect its new holiday products and expansion into other countries like the US.  For those of you who are old school ‘members only’ is the new term that refers to timeshare and property investments and their amazing portfolio of properties and hotels allow you to jet off to some of the best places across the globe, stay in sumptuous accommodation and make an investment for the future that works for you for as long as you need it.

I remember timeshare from when I was a kid growing up and my mum and dad nearly bought a property.  Several of my friends have timeshare and I wasn’t sure what Club La Costa was going to be like.   In terms of holiday wish list Daddy E, Roo and I like our own space, a bit of luxury, the opportunity to cook meals and relax in our own apartment when the sun goes down and a pool for Miss Roo to burn off her energy.

There’s going to be a few blogs coming up highlighting why we had such an amazing time at the resort and how many of the other tour operators could take a leaf out of CLC World’s book for creating the ultimate stress free family holiday.  First off though here’s three reasons why the Costa Del Sol is a great family holiday destination.

  • Short flight times – the average flight is about 2hr 45 minutes and so perfect for really young kids who get bored quickly.  Low cost airlines like Jet2 fly there regularly on most days and when you land at Malaga airport there is a tots shop stocked with items you may have left at home such as buggies, car seats, scooters, trikes, baby walkers, high chairs all available for rent.
  • Plenty to do – with many family friendly resorts on your doorstep when you step off the plane the kids can be kept happy with time on the beaches, trips to the Bio Parc in Fuengirola or take part in the donkey train in beautiful Mijas. If you need more then head down to Selwo Marina and check out the brilliant dolphin park.  If mum and dad need some ‘down time’ head down the bay to Marbella to rub shoulders with the celebs.
  • Weather – the climate here is brilliant.  We went in May / June and had 7 days of beautiful sunshine but not too hot.  So this would be a perfect time for most families with small children who are not yet in school and aren’t quite ready for the scorching 40 degree temperatures that come along for the school holidays.

On arrival we were taken by taxi on a short 35 minute journey to the Santa Cruz Suites which is where we would be staying.  A friendly reception staff greeted us and although our room wasn’t ready on arrival we were given complimentary drinks to use at the Safari restaurant and quite happily trotted off for a spot of lunch in the sunshine.

After a delicious lunch, which Miss Roo polished off a gorgeous hot dog and Daddy E a salad and several beers I received a text telling me our suite was ready.  I trotted off to find it and get a sneak peek. Opening the door greeted me a super clean, spacious apartment with a well equipped kitchens, two double bedrooms, a large lounge area, a walk in bathroom and en-suite bathroom and most importantly our own patio space complete with hot tub!

The master bedroom was fantastic with a sunken jacuzzi bath, walk in shower and a super comfy bed.  Electric shutters at all the windows meant no waking up early with sunshine streaming through our windows or Miss Roo’s (bonus point CLC World) and the kitchen was fantastically equipped with all mod cons, initial welcome supplies in the fridge although it was missing a decent sized teapot (fairly essential for us Brits).

It didn’t take for Daddy E and Miss Roo to appear and immediately run around opening cupboards and going ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’.  An added bonus is that the sofa converted to a sofa bed in the lounge and there were hidden wardrobes for guests who might be staying on this so in essence the apartment could sleep 8 people comfortably.  A quick switch on of the television revealed a selection of digital channels including some UK shows and children’s TV (crisis averted) so at least we weren’t stuck with News 24 for a week!

Here’s some pictures of our first afternoon spent enjoying the complex and finding our surroundings before getting out and about over the next few days and experiencing what the Costa Del Sol has to offer for families as well as how CLC World keeps grownups and kids entertained and happy without compromising on customer service.

* The original article, written by ‘The Mummy Blogger'” Charlotte Everiss, can be found here:

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