Canary Islands hit by Heatwave

Hot dry Sahara winds blowing in from Africa have raised daily temperatures in the Canary Islands to peak summer levels, as the North African heatwave continues. The mass of hot air will continue until Friday, say forecasters and the Canaries can expect temperatures in the mid to high 30s to continue for a few days.

Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are all experiencing sizzling temperatures and the authorities have reiterated advice to at risk individuals to avoid exposure by staying indoors if possible, with windows closed. Last Sunday Tenerife South airport record its highest May temperature for half a century and schools throughout the Canaries had to contact scores of parents due to the heat problems suffered by children in stifling classrooms yesterday.

Tenerife has been on orange alert which means temperatures are up to 37C, while in Morocco, the mercury reached 42C in Marrakech this week. Two Britons died in separate incidents in Gran Canaria, both apparently in their seventies. One elderly man was hiking in Gran Canaria’s Mogan region with a group of walkers and died of a heart attack according to reports. Seven others became ill because of the heat but were treated on the scene.

The heat has also caused a few wildfires and just a few days ago, firefighters were battling a blaze in16,000 square metres of gorse and pine forest in the area of El Cabezon. Tourists are advised to take precautions if setting out on long journeys.

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