Six of the most endangered places in America

Who’s heading Stateside for the summer holidays? While Florida and California are two of America’s top timeshare favourites, there are some US “landmarks” in danger of changing.

From the American treasure that gave the movie “Grand Canyon” its name, to Oak Flat in Arizona, the historical legacy of these six special places may be threatened soon.

Chautauqua Amphitheatre (Chautauqua, NY)

This theatre is 122 years old and has been visited by a long list renowned Presidents including Franklin D. Roosevelt and Robert F. Kennedy. However, there were talks of demolishing this piece of history, which stands at the heart of the community. Due to the outrage at this decision, the plans have been deferred until later this year.

The Grand Canyon (Arizona)

Perhaps the best-known, most-visited treasure of America, the Grand Canyon is at risk of over development in the form of holiday resorts and large-scale mining plans, which would be detrimental to its beauty and wild, natural state.  There are proposals for a supermall to be built that would include cinemas, shops, restaurants and bars, to monetize this beautiful and unique national park.

Oak Flat (Superior, AZ)

Oak Flat is currently public land used for a variety of reasons due to its excellent climbing conditions and popular campground but most importantly it is a sacred burial ground of the indigenous peoples. Two of the largest mining companies are currently proposing the extraction of copper ore deep beneath the land – a plan being fiercely opposed by the local people who cherish it.

A.G. Gaston Motel (Birmingham, AL)

This hotel became famous because of its ‘war room’ used by Martin Luther King Jr. As a civil rights movement landmark this much-respected hotel sought to provide higher-class service to black males during times of segregation. Today the vacant building is in urgent need of restoration.

South Street Seaport (NY)

Take a walk along this street and you can instantly feel the history and importance of it – it’s been home to some of the oldest architecture in the city. However, recent plans have been set to update this nostalgic street including the building of a tower, which – arguably – could ruin its feel forever.

East Point Historic Civic Block (East Point, GA)

This African-American community has been hit by renewed calls for private development that could lead to the demolition of the city’s four iconic historic properties (the East Point City Hall, the Auditorium, the Library and Victoria Park).  This block has been rooted firmly in the community’s history but in danger of deteriorating due to neglect.

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