Royal Resorts’ Sea Turtle Protection Programme celebrates a record milestone

Since 1998, timeshare specialists Royal Resorts have protected well over 6,000 nests and released over half a million sea turtles –  522,394 to be exact –  and what makes this good news even more special is that their eco protection programme is something guests can share in, too.

Just this year, 3,773 baby sea turtles have been rescued and released into the ocean, and the babies are thriving by all accounts, strengthening the sea turtles’ overall numbers for future generations.

These turtles are an endangered species, which makes observing the turtle protection team safely release the mini turtles after they hatch all the more poignant, and Royal Resorts guests are encouraged to support these efforts. The turtles are absolutely minute, smaller than the palm of a human hand.

“At dusk Royal Resorts guards get ready to release the baby turtles as members and guests look on. I saw my first sea turtle years ago and it is something I never miss. Every summer I’m on the beach watching these tiny creatures scuttle towards the waves and wishing them Godspeed. Their instinct and will to reach the sea is amazing, truly a miracle of life. I feel privileged to witness one of nature’s wonders,” says Joanna Green, Communication Manager.

The programme is in full swing right now, as these releases can be witnessed at any time during sea turtle season –  from August to November. In fact October is one of the best times of the year to see the turtles being released into their own natural habitat.

During the summer nights, security guards at The Royal SandsThe Royal MayanThe Royal Caribbean and The Royal Islander stand guard over our turtle visitors. When they encounter a female turtle, they watch from a distance as she laboriously digs her nest and then move in to tag and measure her when she begins to lay her eggs. She may lay anything from 80 to 120 eggs and sometimes up to 200.

The clutch of eggs is collected and transferred to an enclosure further up the beach out of harm’s way. Guards must dig a nest that emulates the shape and depth of the original nest and label it with details of the species, the number of eggs, the date and time. They keep watch over the corral and patiently wait for the first baby of the season.

It’s important not to disturb the turtles during breeding season; if a female is startled, she may retreat to the ocean and lose her entire batch of eggs.

Royal Resorts has six timeshare resorts across the tourist destinations of Cancun and the Mayan Riviera: The Royal Cancun®, The Royal Caribbean®, The Royal Islander®, The Royal Sands®, The Royal Haciendas® and Grand Residences by Royal Resorts®.


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