Most romantic destinations this New Year's Eve

No one can deny that the festive season is exceptionally romantic, full of log fires, mulled wine and plenty of heart-warming moments. As we prepare to welcome in the New Year we all want to spend it with those who are special to us.

We’ve come up with this “the place to be on New Year’s Eve” shortlist of the most romantic destinations we can think of, whether you’re dreaming of somewhere far away and exotic or will be spending 31st closer to home.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in Canada is of the most spectacular places on this earth – and it  transforms into somewhere even more amazing at New Year with a little help from the Niagara Falls Commission. The huge Concert Extravaganza pulls in over 30,000 people who come and enjoy drinks while moving to the party beats against this absolutely stunning backdrop. To make this even more romantic Queen Victoria Park also hosts the Winter Festival of Lights – an incredible display of more than three millions lights… this one definitely deserves to be on the bucket list!


Vienna is one of the most fairytale-esque cities all year round but there’s no better time to be there than at New Year. The extensive Christmas markets are magically transformed into New Year’s fairs with plenty of balls, shows and functions. Hundreds of couples visit the city that has a sense of elegance and festive joy and if you’re not too hungover in the morning, Vienna’s New Year’s Day classical concert – an annual TV highlight – is music at its most unforgettable best. 

New York

New York is without a doubt one of the most romantic cities come winter, it’s the stuff most of the Christmas movies are made of! Full of lights, freshly-fallen snow and the smell of roasting chestnuts filling the neighbourhood streets and parks. Times Squares hosts one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties – the world famous Ball Drop, while a multitude of fireworks create an ecstatic atmosphere.


Which madly in love couple wouldn’t want to spend New Year’s Eve at St Mark’s Square? Famous as a spot to pop the question, it’s absolutely magical throughout the Christmas season. With a public kiss at midnight, continuous music until the early hours, fireworks galore and shows to keep you going, you’ll definitely be partying until sunrise – just wrap up for the walk back to your hotel, the damp winter’s night air can get very chilly!

Goa, India

If the only kind of timeshare holiday you ever take is a week on a beautiful beach, then Goa has culture and relaxation in spades, and they sure know how to welcome a in the New Year full of promises and expectations. This vibrant colourful city is sure to throw you a party you wont forget. Stay in one of Goa’s luxury hotels, take a romantic stroll down to the beach and welcome in the New Year by watching the sun rise once you’re all partied out – you can’t get much more romantic than this while everyone back in the UK will be welcoming in 2015 on 1 January, wrapped head to toe in winter fleece!


If you can’t get the time off to travel far, head for the River Thames. Drift in and out of bars along the river with over 250,000 others while fireworks, music and cheer will be filling the air. When Big Ben strikes midnight the party really begins – it’s one of the best ways to ring in the new year with your fellow Londoners.


On the other side of the world – where our winter is their summer – Sydney’s locals congregate down at the harbour where the champagne flows, boat parties are buzzing and the illuminated Opera House stands beautifully as a backdrop. The whole harbour is lit up with lights and fireworks and if you want to catch it all from a distance, a top tip for the ultimate romantic night is to make sure you book a window seat at one of the skyscraper restaurants that look out to the bridge – worth it!


New Year’s Eve is for champagne and Paris is for lovers…so why not combine the two in style in the City of Love? Without a doubt a weekend in Paris has to be the most spectacular and iconic way to spend New Year with your partner – take in the Christmas lights, stroll along to the Champs-Elysees that frames the Eiffel Tower perfectly – with bands playing and jugs of champagne being passed between hands you’ll be right in the heart of all the hustle and bustle. Don’t miss the city’s main firework show – it’s exceptional.


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