New Crackdown on excessive drinking and anti-social behaviour in Magaluf

Magaluf is famous as Majorca’s party capital, but now Spanish police are enforcing some strict new rules from this month onwards.

The summer months see the resort packed with British tourists who’ve had too much to drink or acting irresponsibly and antisocially so the island’s government has called in 36 more police officers who will be deployed to the strip to enforce the new rules.

Fines of £500 for anti-social behaviour are being implemented to ensure more safety on the strip to guarantee “the wellbeing and enjoyment of tourists and locals”.

From June 2015 onwards, shops will now be banned from selling alcohol after midnight and drinking on the streets will be prohibited between 10pm and 8am to keep the crowds in bars and clubs rather than out on the streets among cars.  Similarly, being naked in a public place here will set you back €750.

Pub crawls have become very popular in Magaluf, normally organised by reps. Holiday visitors are lured in by the promise of free shots and club discounts with some crawls pulling in hundreds of young people – however, the new rules will prevent any of these groups reaching over 20 people and the participants must be easily identified.

The new rules will not stop Brits from visiting Magaluf which is often advertised as the closest clubbing destination to the UK, but they should help cut down on extreme drinking and anti-social behaviour. Mallorca is still a firm British timeshare favourite and tourism brings in huge amounts of finance for the island each year.

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