"Mrs Brown" comedy star Brendan O'Carroll to lead Dublin's St Patrick's Day Parade

Star of Mrs Brown’s Boys and the massively popular Christmas specials, Brendan O’Carroll has been named as the Grand Marshal for this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin.The famous Irish star has travelled the world with the hit show and revealed that this St Patrick’s Day will be a lot calmer than most.

He told the Irish Herald: “I’m one of these lucky people that try to stay out of trouble on Paddy’s Day but the most memorable one I can remember that involved drink was in New York about 20 years ago.

“I was determined to do the New York parade and enjoy it without any drink. Then about half seven in the morning in Fitzpatrick’s Hotel, Maeve arrived down and put a vodka and coke in front of me and after about 11.30am that day I don’t remember much. I do know this though, I woke up the next day and I had a tattoo on my back.

“I noticed Maeve didn’t have one though. My one was a dragonfly – a coloured version of one that I have on my wrist,” he added.

However, the star is hoping that this celebration will be less frantic as he leads the parade through the streets of Dublin.

“It’s an amazing honour to be asked. I’ll be going as myself rather than Mrs Brown as I don’t want to scare the kids,” he continued to The Herald.

“I don’t have to worry about being funny on the day, I just have to turn up and wave – I’ll know how the president and the queen feel after it.”


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