London comes second in "Europe's Most Expensive City" poll

New statistics show that London hotel rates have skyrocketed in the last year, making it the second most expensive city to visit in Europe.

The capital came second only to Zurich in a recent poll and the Swiss city remains the most expensive with an average cost of £130 euros per room per night.

The news highlights the advantages of buying timeshare ownership, which, unlike the cost of a hotel room, is not subject to price hikes because timeshare holidays are paid for upfront  – a big advantage in times when hotel rates shoot up, and a good way to lock in family holiday budget planning well ahead of time.

Meanwhile, Moscow – the northernmost “mega city” on earth, the second most populous in Europe after Istanbul and the sixth largest city in the world – was revealed as the third most expensive city to stay in as a visitor.

The survey, carried out by a leading holiday booking company, revealed that city travellers had the best chance of booking a more down to earth rate in Prague, despite the average cost of room rates in Golden City surging by four per cent to almost 70 euros.

Visitors to Budapest, Warsaw, Lisbon and Athens were able to relax their travel expenses thanks to more moderate room rates.

Perhaps surprisingly, Edinburgh’s room rates came out as the second most expensive in the UK (£119.94), despite a downfall in price of almost 6% in the last year.

Overall, UK hotel rates increased in the past year, which suggests the tourism industry can remain optimistic about the UK’s hotel industry.

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