Last of the Summer Sun

Summer may be fading fast in the UK but there are still places to enjoy the last of the summer wine, and sunshine, within a few hours’ flying time of Britain – here are five easy-to-fly-to destinations where the sun will still be shining.

Sizzling Seville

Seville sizzles in summer and as the Costa del Sol cools down, so does Seville, but it’ll still be much warmer than most other parts of the Med in early autumn. Average temperatures hover in the mid 20s, so you’ll just need a light jacket for evenings. Don’t miss the tapas and foot-tapping flamenco, and better still if you have car, the much quieter Algarve is just a few hours away – two totally distinctive destinations for the price of one.

Sicilian Sunshine

Way down south at the tip of Italy you’ll find the place that made pizza famous. So why not pop over for a quick pre-Christmas week and explore the shopping, beaches and culture Sicily is famous for. There should be plenty of sun and the food is fantastic.

Gorgeous Gozo

There’s nowhere in the Med like it. Rich in history, but not very strong on beaches, a Malta break is a different type of holiday from the classic Greek or Turkish beach escape. One timeshare resort, the Radisson Golden Sands, is just steps from one of Malta’s rare sandy beaches, and it’s a great base if you’re thinking of exploring Malta’s smaller islands – Comino and Gozo. Maltese food and wines have been making a name for themselves recently, too.

Tempting Tenerife

It’s an obvious choice and a smart one, because as the mercury dips around the rest of the Med, head a bit further south and you’re guaranteed a warm winter. Tenerife is a top timeshare destination and it can get busy in parts, but what makes it fascinating is its mix of tourist resorts and villages, and contrasting north v. south scenery. The northwest of the island gets most of the rain but it’s nothing compared to British winters and you’ll completely forget the weather forecasts in the UK as soon as you hit those southern beaches

Summer-meets-autumn in Cyprus

The sea rarely dips below 17 degrees on Cyprus shores, making it a great place to hide from Jack Frost in winter. Everything you could want in a holiday is here – history, sightseeing, beautiful scenery and of course good food. Grilled halloumi cheese is a Cypriot speciality and the island is producing some good wines.

So that’s four reasons to go: sun, sand, warm sea and souvlaki.

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