It's laid back, luxe and the perfect timeshare winter sun getaway: Welcome to Palm Springs, California

If you’re looking for a laid back, luxe getaway with year-round sunshine, beautiful scenery and breath-taking architecture, then there are few places more perfect than Palm Springs.

Based just 100 miles east of LA, the destination was popular in the swinging ‘60s with stars including Sinatra, Elvis, Liberace and dozens of others using it as their holiday getaway.

However, once the Rat Pack packed up, the 300-sq-mile Coachella Valley became less sought-after – or at least until the mid 90s when a new generation fell for the city’s retro-chic charm.The area now attracts all manner of tourists – from hipsters to retirees, nature lovers and serious shoppers.

Why Visit?

Palm Springs oozes charm, it’s winter climate is pretty much perfect (think sunny blues skies – and dry air) and the town is famous for its mid-century décor:  kidney-shaped pools, steel-and-glass bungalows, boutique hotels with vintage decor, and piano bars serving martinis (shaken, not stirred).

There’s also plenty to see and do, whatever your age or your budget. Think plenty of palm-studded canyons, snow-laden mountains (you can even ski), spectacular golf courses, luxury boutiques, massive malls and plenty of museums – this is a historic destination brimming with Hollywood glamour and legendary Rat Pack stories.

Art lovers will adore browsing the Palm Springs Modernist masterpieces, or getting snap happy at the salt flats in Badwater. And if your legs are too tired after lots of walking, hop aboard the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which will whisk you 6000ft up the San Jacinto Mountains.

Meanwhile, if you head north from Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs is always worth a visit. Once an unheard-of resort, it’s been done up to feature boutique hotels atop the beautiful springs where you can sip cocktails by the pool until the sun disappears behind the mountains.

This destination is an easy drive from LA, so if you’re holidaying in Los Angeles but fancy a two-city break, why not take a few days out to soak up all the glamour, good food and stunning semi-desert setting that is Palm Springs?

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