Hurricane Beatriz Slams Acapulco Tourist Resorts

The second Pacific hurricane this year in Mexico’s Pacific region has hit the popular resort of Acapulco, wreaking havoc at the start of the busy summer season.

Three people are reported dead and thousands of tourists are being forced to stay in hotels as the hurricane uprooted trees and flooded roads.

Another very busy tourist area, Puerto Vallarta, was hit by the storm but high winds in the Acapulco region are losing strength and forecasters are staying the hurricane will track back towards the Pacific Ocean and die out eventually.

Still, this season may be a particularly turbulent one for Mexico’s main summer holiday resorts. Adrian, the first Pacific hurricane, was downgraded to a tropical storm more than a week ago, but Beatriz has already killed three people in Acapulco and beaches are red-flagged, warning holidaymakers of the dangers of high tides.

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