The Hottest Places to see and be in 2015

With frost on the grass in the mornings and many an afternoon looking drizzly and grey, planning your summer holiday now can seem like the only way to get through the next two months until spring returns.

If you’re looking for some holiday inspiration to keep you motivated, we’ve shortlisted some of the hottest must-visit destinations of the coming year.  Pour yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and read on for our top ten must-see places to visit in 2015…

1)   Turkey

Timeshare favourite Turkey tops our list.  It may not be the most unusual destination in this round-up but with the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings, the world’s eyes will be on Turkey in 2015. Travellers to Turkey can expect endless beautiful beaches, pure turquoise waters, vibrant bazaars and temples and ancient cities.

2)   Norway

Since the hit Disney film Frozen, tourism in Norway has skyrocketed, with fans eager to explore the spectacular scenery and fjords that inspired the landscapes. If that’s not enough, then there’s always the northern lights which have to be seen to be believed.

3)    Cuba

Cuba is set to be one of the hottest destinations in 2015 – and with its African, Spanish and American influences, as well as the colonial architecture, it’s easy to see why. Look out for lots of features on Cuba in the Sunday travel supplements!

4)   Romania

Not uppermost in most people’s minds when you think of where to take your next holiday, Romania can offer some interesting surprises. With its intriguing mix of contemporary and traditional, the home of Dracula is one of our most unusual picks to visit. We recommend hitting the Carpathian mountains – based about 30 minutes from Bucharest – for skiing, hiking, climbing and boating.

5)   India

One of the world’s most vibrant countries, India has something for every tourist, where every corner turns up a new discovery. Try a romantic luxury cruise line along The Ganges, which gives you the opportunity to explore the country’s delights, before returning to a decadent river boat by evening. There are some beautiful timeshare resorts in India, so for a long-haul break this is definitely a different destination to consider.  There’s a reason they say that once you’ve seen India you’ll be changed forever.

6)    Ireland and N. Ireland

The ever-popular Game of Thrones has seen a tourism boom for Ireland, with the lush green landscapes and incredibly friendly, history-soaked cities a huge draw for tourists. Fans of the show will love to explore Belfast and Northern Ireland, where much of the show is shot. Dublin (pictured) tops the foodies’ choice these days with some cracking restaurants to try in the fair city, run by young, up and coming Michelin chefs and the city’s skyline and river views have become a fascinating mix of really old and very modern.

7)   Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka keeps coming up in the new “places to visit” Top 10’s and it’s true that tourism has been on the rise in this beautiful country since about 2009. Relatively untouched, Sri Lanka has plenty of old world charm, as well as exotic beaches, beautiful wildlife, important monuments and cultural heritage. Like India, a trip to Sri Lanka will be one you’ll never forget.

8)   Japan

While we’ve loved the delights of Japan for many years, why not try something different? More and more tourists are starting to book a cruise around Japan. Explore all that the country has to offer, without the expense of Japanese hotels and travelling.

9)   Colombia

With its mix of adventure, culture and spectacular landscapes, Colombia is one of the places to be seen in 2015. Tourists should head to the vibrant capital of Bogota, where you can enjoy traditional horse and carriage rides along cobbled streets, go ziplining, visit coffee plantations, or relax on pure white beaches.

10) Canberra

The Australian capital has come a long way in recent years, with a boom in new restaurants and hot nightspots. There’s also plenty to see and do for arts and culture lovers, while the scenery remains every bit as beautiful as Sydney and Melbourne’s.

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