More holidays, longer holidays, and will Spain top the “Brit List” for 2015?

Spain is hogging the New Year travel headlines once again – and perhaps it’s no surprise that according to Travel Supermarket, the “typical British holiday” this year looks like being a ten-day trip to Spain.

According to the website, Spain looks set to be far and away the most popular destination abroad for 2015, followed by the USA, France, Italy and Greece.

It looks like we’ll be taking more holidays and spending more this summer, too. Travel Supermarket also found that the average holidaymaker will spend an impressive £1,220 on their main holiday in 2015, with many planning on taking a second, shorter foreign excursion too.

Overall, predictions are that the average Brit will enjoy three breaks in 2015, with more than 30 per cent planning a staycation at home on British shores.

Typically, though, the average holiday in 2015 for British residents will be a ten-day trip to a Spanish coastal resort.

For luxury, beaches, shopping, history and stunning weather, the Costa del Sol has it all

The study found that 12 per cent of Brits planning on heading overseas will visit Spain, making the country the most popular destination for the third year running. Around eight per cent will visit the USA, with five per cent making the short hop to France, three per cent heading to Italy and another three per cent planning to relax on Greece’s idyllic beaches.

Travel Supermarket’s annual Travel Trends Tracker has revealed that consumer confidence is higher for for this year than it has been for a long while, with Brits keen to splash the cash on their travels – the average spending kitty per Brit has risen to more than £500.

Travel Supermarket’s travel expert, Bob Atkinson, said: “Holiday habits are often a reflection of consumer confidence and the results of our Travel Trends Tracker indicate that the mood of the nation is becoming more positive.

“We’re seeing more people starting to spend more on their main break, go away more often on holidays and even book more luxurious and costly trips.”

Will you be making a beeline to your favourite timeshare resort again or treading uncharted territory to try somewhere new this summer? And which off the beaten track destination do you think could be big this year? Tweet us at @GoTimeshare with your holiday pics and travel tips.

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