Head for the Med…and 9 other ways to celebrate Easter sunshine

Easter Sunday falls two weeks after the official start of spring, on 5 April, so it’s not too early to get to the Med where temperatures will be warming up nicely.

Don’t expect the mid 20’s but you can be lunching on the outdoor terraces at your timeshare resort and walking on the local beach – and there are few mood boosters better than a day full of sunshine!

If you’d rather catch the last of the ski season in the Alps, your best bet is a high-altitude resort, there’s more likely to be more snow and better conditions.

Apart from the Alps, here are nine other places you should see some good sunshine, where there’s more going on than just sand and sunloungers…

1.    Never been to Spain’s Atlantic coast? Head for the Costa de la Luz, the country’s most eco coastline.  Explore the region by car in the morning then watch the kite surfers in Tarifa with a long coffee before choosing a cosy bar for wine o’clock tapas.

2.    Palma de Mallorca is one of the prettiest island capitals in the whole of Europe and because it’s a working town it doesn’t shut down in winter.  Easter is a beautiful time to go, when you can watch the Easter parades, discover the town’s shops and tucked away galleries – and don’t forget to hop on the sightseeing bus which covers all the major landmarks in this manageably sized mini city.

3.    Recharge the batteries on one of Greece’s magical islands.  While Corfu is a popular one for families, quieter islands like car-free Hydra or slow-go Paxos are well worth exploring.  Direct flights start at the end of March, so you won’t have problems getting to the main islands like Crete and Corfu, and you can island-hop using the local ferry services.

4.    Sicily isn’t just about fabulous food, it’s a fascinating mix of Greek, Italian and other cultures – bustling Palermo, for example, has almost a Middle Eastern vibe to it, in parts.

5.    Sardinia.  For sheer beauty and switch-off factor Sardinia is a hard island to beat. While the Costa Smeralda is a jet-set getaway, the inland villages have a lost in time look and feel, and characterful Cagliari in the south makes for an interesting day out.

6.    P is for Puglia…think superb Caribbean-style beaches with turquoise waters, history-soaked towns and – yes, trulli!  These cone-shaped houses were snapped up long ago by property investors, and for a town with a difference, don’t miss Ostuni with its sun-reflecting whitewashed streets and walls just minutes from the coast.

7.       …and G is for gulet! What’s a gulet? Those colourful fishing boats you see in the Visit Turkey ads.  Escape the Bodrum crowds and head out to sea on a gulet cruise for an outsider’s view of Turkey’s Aegean coast.

8.       Love golf? It can only be The Algarve.  Portugal’s southern coastline stays relatively warm over winter and spring is an even better time to visit.  The winds blow hard along the western cape near Sagres and Cap Vicente, so that’s where you’ll want to head if you want to catch some big waves. If wind is not your thing, stick to the resorts like Faro, Albufeira and Tavira, closer to the Spanish border.

9.       Last but not least, take a chance on Cornwall!  It’s 50/50 what will be happening weather-wise at Easter but if you’re lucky and catch some sunny days, you’ll be glad you “stayed home”.  There are too many great beaches to list here, but Newquay is a great surf spot and Fowey (pronounced Foy) is a charming little fishing village with a Daphne Du Maurier bookshop and lots of cosy gastro pubs to warm up in when the sun goes down…

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