Happy Greek Easter! April in Corfu

While a lot of us like to celebrate with Easter egg hunts and too many chocolate eggs, Easter is celebrated very differently across the world, according to individual traditions and religions.

Easter in Corfu is an amazing spectacle and is celebrated rather differently to anywhere else in Greece. On this pretty Greek island, Easter is a huge festival in which the branches of Christianity come together to celebrate harmoniously. If you’ve booked a timeshare holiday here for the upcoming spring break, here’s what you can expect to see in Corfu Town.

During the Holy Week, various ceremonies take place in the Old Town or in the churches. Here, Good Friday is the day of the Epitaphios, which is the funeral of Christ, and the sound of the church choirs will ring out into the springtime air.

On Holy Saturday, the First Resurrection and traditional Pot Throwing takes place, which makes for the perfect photo opportunity. During the smashing, the balconies in the old town are decked in bright red pieces of cloth. Then, the Corfiots throw down large clay pots full of water, smashing them on the street pavements.

Next, head to Corfu Town for the Resurrection service – this is seen in with a roll of drums and an impressive firework display at midnight. When this ends, bands pave the streets of the town, playing music as people walk behind singing and dancing.

The party then goes on until dawn, when the Lenten fast is broken with magiritsa (the local Easter soup), red painted eggs, fogatsa (brioche) and columbines (a very special bread of Venetian origin, baked in the form of a dove). There’s also plenty of wine to be drunk before Easter Sunday, when the churches in town parade an icon of the Resurrection through the streets.

While the parades finish at around 10 am, the great Easter Celebration is far from over. People celebrate with their families by eating “lamb from the spit” and cracking the red painted hen eggs.

If you’re looking for an Easter to remember, then Corfu is a wonderful bet…

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