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Are smart phones and Facebook killing the postcard?

It used to be the only “must-do” errand on a holiday – spinning the postcard rack at the local tobacco shop in a village in Santorini, choosing the most scenic one out to send home – and hoping it arrives before you do.

But apparently it’s “official” – smart phones and social media are slowly killing the postcard. Those colourful 5 x 7 reminders that say you’re having a lovely time somewhere between the sun-soaked mountains and the Mediterranean sea, while your friends are not, are going out of fashion.

These days, Facebook and Twitter are taking the place of the postcard – you can share your digital pics from the sunlounger…”Wish You Were Here” while you’re still at the scenic hotspot and your friends are enduring a wet British summer.

Cox & Kings asked holidaymakers recently how they keep in touch with those at home while they’re abroad, and the results don’t bode well for postcard printers.

Just 15 percent of those surveyed said that they still send postcards – almost all younger travellers (from 18-24) use Facebook to share their holiday shots with friends. 25 per cent of those surveyed who were specifically aged 55 or over, are still postcard fans, though.

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