Breaking News – Greek Strike June 15 and Red Sea Ash Cloud

Holidaymakers flying to and from Greece and also visiting resorts in the Red Sea region this week may be subjected to travel disruption, EasyJet has warned.

Greek unions are planning to strike tomorrow, Wednesday 15 June, and flights servicing Sharm El Sheikh today and tomorrow may also be affected by the eruption of the Nabro volcano in Eritrea which started to spew ash on Sunday after a series of earthquakes hit the region.

Shops in Greece will close from noon until 3pm in protest against strict austerity measures that are affecting the country as it faces its toughest economic challenge ever, while public administration services and banks will close for 24 hours. Public hospitals will operate with emergency staff only and workers from both public and private sectors will join in the strike.

The ash cloud is heading towards Israel but at the time of writing it’s not clear what sort of disruption it could cause to flights in the area.
Meanwhile, the volcano in Chile continues to cause chaos as far as Australia, as ash is creating problems.

Volcano Nabro in Eritrea has already shut down Addis Ababa airport. US secretary of state Hilary Clinton has had to cut short a visit to the country as the ash cloud spread over eastern Africa.

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