“Voulez-vous rendez-vous?” Brits encouraged to visit France this summer

A new marketing campaign by the French – Rendez-vous en France – is encouraging Britons to visit France for their holidays this summer, although the country is already high in the hotspot popularity stakes. It’s the world’s most visited country.

Over 76 million visitors set foot on French shores last year, maintaining France’s top spot as the global destination of choice – it’s been the most popular world tourist destination for the last twenty years.

Britain’s love affair with France reached a crescendo after advertising executive Peter Mayle’s hilarious account of renovating a property in Provence topped the bestseller list over a decade ago – and “A Year in Provence” was made into a film – “A Good Year” starring Russell Crowe.

A country of beauty, tradition but most famous for its national love of food, France is still one of Europe’s most popular timeshare destinations, after Spain and the Canary Islands. France is third place when it comes to tourist revenue, however, with the USA pulling in €94 billion, Spain at €53 billion and France just behind at €49 billion.

The French are determined to knock the Spanish off their second place slot and the new campaign, Rendez-Vous en France, is being launched to spread the country’s appeal as a tourist destination to a wider audience.

For Britons, it’s a Eurostar favourite – with Paris just over two hours from London by high speed train, and special ski routes on this winter to whisk skiers from St. Pancras to the French Alps, France has never been easier to get to. Last summer, Eurostar linked with French railway company SNCF so that travellers can now go all the way to Marseilles in the south of France, changing at Paris to pre-reserved SNCF trains along the way.

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