Five Fabulous Australian Getaways for a Winter Timeshare Break

As our temperatures start to plummet, the mercury starts rising Down Under, on the other side of our planet. So with summer about to get into full swing in Australia, many of you will already have booked your timeshare break there.

And not a moment too soon either – because one thing we can be sure of is that the time change in late October will make the dark nights and the bitterly cold mornings in the UK all the more noticeable.

But if you’ve never been to this part of the world and are undecided as to where to head or where to visit, check out our handy guide first. Here are our top five picks of what to see in Oz, this year.

1)    Sydney

From the Sydney Opera House to the beautiful beaches of Bondi and the mouth-watering food, Sydney is a must-visit. A few other attractions to add to your list include The Rocks, Sydney Harbour, Darling Harbour, Sydney Olympic Park, AMP Tower and Manly Beach.

2)    Tasmania

Tasmania is the smallest state of Australia, situated on the island with the same name, and is the ideal destination to get away from it all. Tasmania boasts plenty of rugged landscapes, abandoned beaches, mountains and national parks, all of which make it ideal for intrepid explorers or nature lovers.

3)    Melbourne

Every bit as beautiful as Sydney, Melbourne also has plenty to offer tourists and travellers and is a brilliant destination for the whole family to enjoy. Surrounded by crystal clear ocean waters, and boasting plenty of tourist attractions, shops, eateries and much more, this is another of our must-visits. Why not pay a visit to The Immigration Museum, The National Gallery of Victoria, Scienceworks, Royal Botanic Gardens, or Fitzroy Gardens and Melbourne Aquarium?

4)    Great Barrier Reef

Formed nearly 10,000 years ago, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the oldest – and largest – living coral reefs in the world. Stretching more than 1,250 miles, it’s named as one of the “Wonders of the World” – and you can see why. Take a tour of this spectacular area and take in the beautiful coral, as well as the 2,000 different kinds of exotic fish.

5) Gold Coast

With its beaches that are perfect for surfing, as well as amazing canals and waterway systems, perfect weather and bustling, vibrant nightlife, the Gold Coast promises to have something for everyone.


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