And Europe's most expensive hotel capital is…?

As one of the world’s most stylish cities, it will come as no surprise that – yes – London has been revealed as Europe’s most expensive capital to stay in. Not Paris, Geneva or Zurich, but our very own London town.

Obviously, one of the big advantages of timeshare ownership is that you’re buffered against high hotel room rates – or sudden price hikes – but it could get expensive for those landing on British shores this summer to see our world famous sites and do a spot of Oxford Street shopping.

New figures show that London hotel rooms are a staggering 13 per cent more expensive than this time last year, figures released by HRS, The Hotel Solutions Provider, showed.

With average room rates in London reaching nearly £116, the UK capital is ahead of Zurich and Moscow, which both have average room rates of £111 per room.

Bargain hunters may want to head to Budapest, which was crowned as the cheapest destination in Europe. Room rates in the city averaged just 66 Euros per night in 2013.

Purse-friendly budget breaks can also be enjoyed in Prague, Warsaw and Lisbon.

Meanwhile,  in what might come as another surprise, the study showed that Edinburgh is the second most expensive destination in the UK, with average room rates at £89, and Dublin has increased its average room rate by over 14 per cent.

Ever popular with stag and hen parties, the cheapest rooms can be found in Liverpool, which saw room rates plummet by 5 per cent in one year to just £69 per night.

Overall, UK hotel bookings increased in the past year, which remains good news for the UK economy and tourism industry

However, hotel room rates decreased in around two thirds of international cities.

International Hotel Rates

Despite being the city with the most expensive room rate (an average of £143 per night), Sydney had a decrease of 12 per cent.

Toronto followed with a decrease of 11 per cent on the average room rates.

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