The SnoozeCube Debuts at Dubai Airport

One of the busiest airports in the world, servicing one of the fastest-growing timeshare and fractional ownership destinations, Dubai, is the very first airport anywhere in the world to install “SnoozeCubes”.

Transit passengers flying through Dubai International Airport who want some privacy or are in need of a nap after a long journey can now catch some rest by staying in a ‘SnoozeCube’.

A total of ten sound-proofed units have been installed next to Gate 122 at Terminal 1 and each unit contains a full-sized bed, touch-screen TV with a selection of entertainment and music, as well as high-speed internet at their disposal.

The SnoozeCubes are for hire by the hour, and the rates are surprisingly reasonable starting at AED65 ($17.80 or about £11) per hour for the first four hours.

Larry Swann, the creator of the SnoozeCube, said Dubai is the first airport to install the system, which has been designed and built in New Zealand.

"Adopting innovative ideas has helped keep Dubai at the forefront of the travel and tourism industries," said Swann. "And the SnoozeCube is the perfect fit. Having researched airports around the world I realised that the travel experience can be enhanced by providing passengers a place to rest that is convenient, affordable, comfortable and safe."

Dubai International expects to handle 51 million passengers by the close of the year and continues to grow rapidly. As it expands its international destinations, at peak periods some passengers have ben sleeping on seats near gates in transit during long haul voyages

If there is strong demand for more SnoozeCubes, the concept may be expanded and it may just be a matter of time until it becomes the norm at a number of large airports with a high volume of long haul flights.

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