Carrying our own luggage and being too polite to ask the concierge for help among some of the traits of polite Brits abroad.


A new survey from cost-free app platform, Appy Hotel, also revealed that just under a third of British hotel guests even make the bed before checking out of their rooms.


In fact, almost one in ten Brits revealed that they would avoid wearing hotel dressing gowns and using the tea-making facilities to lighten the maid’s load.


Meanwhile, 73 per cent of 18-34 years olds would refuse to ask a concierge for help, instead preferring to deal with the problem themselves. Just over one in three British tourists said they’d feel happier asking for help over the phone or via a mobile or tablet app.


Isabella Glendinning, from Appy Hotel, said: “The research really supports the classic British stereotype of a culture that is too polite to ask for help, going to lengths to avoid putting others out and creating more work for hotel staff.


“While some of the findings reveal humorous and quirky behaviour traits, hotels can really help to make the guest experience more enjoyable by offering alternative platforms of communication.


“This is an indication that not only do hotel guests shy away from direct confrontation with hotel staff, they are also adopting and adapting to new forms of communication when it comes to obtaining information.


“The importance of mobile and tablet apps are continuing to grow, as hotel goers look to embrace the new technology available, to save them time and money. This is a feature that hoteliers should also look to embrace to provide the best all-round experience for their guests.”



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