Canadian Resort Development Association introduces ASK CDRA, a new help and advice line for Timeshare Owners

CDRA, The Canadian Resort Development Association, has announced a brand new service for timeshare owners which will provide information, assistance and answers to their questions about vacation ownership.

The new initiative, called ASK (Always Seek Knowledge), is free for consumers.  Powered by the National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA), the programme brings together two leaders in the timeshare field, with the aim of advising prospective and current timeshare owners and clarifying any questions, or helping resolve any issues they may have.

Consumers can now call a dedicated helpline run by industry experts and ask questions about a number of things from holiday exchanges to alternative options for resales and rentals, or get advice on vetting a service provider – or any other timeshare-related matter they want more information about.

 The ASK CRDA helpline is toll-free in Canada and callers can contact ASK on 844-544-CRDA (2732), Mondays – Fridays, 9.00am to 5.00pm Eastern Standard Time. Email enquiries can be sent in via

ASK CRDA’s new initiative will provide a mix of customer service, education and issues management to help consumers make the most of their timeshare ownership and if buying for the first time, purchase the right sort of timeshare to fit their lifestyle and budget.

Companies that are recommended – such as resale specialists – must adhere to CRDA’s strict Code of Ethical Conduct, to protect the consumer and provide additional peace of mind.

In addition, ASK CRDA will offer owner education in such key areas as timeshare resales, rentals, transfers, financing, points systems, exchange programs and more. If necessary, the helpline experts also serve as moderators or mediators, in an effort to help resolve any ownership issues between an owner and the timeshare developer. ASK CRDA says it aims to answer most incoming enquiries within 24 hours.

Jon Zwickel, president and CEO of CRDA, said: “Some of our calls come from owners who express frustration about their timeshare, when the real problem is that they don’t know how to use their timeshare to the best advantage.

“We educate them on the many different ways they can enjoy their ownership and customize it in a way that best suits their needs.”

Gregory Crist, CEO of the NTOA, added: “CRDA has made a commitment to ensuring that timeshare owners have a reliable and dedicated resource available to assist and support the owner community.

“The National Timeshare Owners Association is pleased to partner with CRDA to make this happen.”

CRDA expects to handle 50 to 75 calls per month, with a goal of answering the majority of queries within one business day. For more information, visit the ASK CRDA page at

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