Brad and Angelina Spotted in Cornwall

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are currently Cornwall’s most famous temporary residents – they’re staying on a superyacht moored off Falmouth while Brad films scenes from the new zombie movie, World War Z. Pitt arrived last week and filmed on board the SD Salmoor with hundreds of extras recruited from the local area who have been filling in as Russian refugees or zombies.

According to the Daily Mail, Pitt was snapped in action yesterday, running from an armed forces helicopter to safety with other people.

Other scenes have already been shot in Malta and since arriving in Cornwall the couple have opted to stay onboard a luxury superyacht moored off the coast to allow them privacy – and give them the freedom to explore the rest of the ravishing Cornish coastline.

A source told The Sun, “Brad thought the family might as well have a holiday while he’s shooting World War Z.Cornwall is a little different from their usual destinations but they’ve heard lots of good things about the county.

"Staying on a yacht will mean they’ll be able to visit various seaside towns so the kids won’t get bored. They’re all really looking forward to it."

Film production staff sourced local hotels but the expensive superyacht offered a greater level of luxury, and practicality – as the couple could leave the kids on the boat with nannies if they fancied a night out, and those holidaying in the area at timeshare resorts, including Club La Costa’s Trenython Manor and Hustyns will no doubt be keeping an eye open in case they spot the celebrity couple out and about.

Angelina has already been taking in some of London’s tourist attractions in the last couple of weeks, including a day trip with the kids to the Sea Life London Aquarium, as well as toy shopping and cinema trips in Richmond.

After rough seas hampered delivery of lunch to hundreds of the cast and crew offshore recently, some of the local extras employed on the shoot suggested they order in a mega-delivery of Cornish pasties to see them through the shooting schedule. A Cornish bakery confirmed it sent 700 pasties to the production company to feed cast and crew.

World War Z is based on Max Brooks’ 2006 novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, which is set in the US city of Philadelphia in the aftermath of a war between humans and zombies. The film will be in cinemas next year.

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