Best US Destinations for a Cool Summer Break

If sizzling temperatures and sweaty transport isn’t for you, then escaping to a cool climate this summer may seem like a faraway dream. However, fret not – when the mercury climbs, there are plenty of beautiful destinations that stay refreshingly cool. Here are our top 10 best places to beat the heat in the beautiful US of A.

1)    The beautiful Denali National Park, in Alaska, offers jaw-dropping mountain landscapes, plenty of wildlife, and acres of space to take a cool, leisurely hike. Thanks to the crisp mountain air, temperatures are very mild during the day and cool at night.

2)    San Francisco: Don’t be fooled by its picture perfect photos – San Fran is perfectly positioned between the chilly Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, guaranteeing year-round moderate temperatures. In summer, ocean breezes and fogs deliver surprisingly cool daytime temps and easy to sleep lows at night. This very popular California timeshare city break destination is a welcome relief when the mercury rockets and few places have prettier skyline views

3)    Head to Olympic National Park, WA, for lush greenery and forest. This destination guarantees beautiful surroundings and a relaxed pace, and it also happens to be one of the coolest spots in America in summer.

4)    Enjoy Nova Scotia some of the world’s greatest seafood, dished up by friendly locals, amid breezy temperatures and beautiful scenery. Take a wander around charming fishing villages and pristine beaches.

5)    Yellowstone National Park (in Wyoming and Montana) is perfect for spectacular hikes, thanks to daytime summer temps of around 24C. Here, there are plenty of mountain lakes and rivers to enjoy, as well as rocky terrain to explore on your own or on a ranger-guided tour.

6)    Michigan’s Upper Peninsula allows you to escape city life, plunging you straight into cool and refreshing woods.

7)    Seattle is the perfect city getaway if you’re looking to stay cool this summer. We love wandering around this coastal metropolis with highs of around 24C, before admiring the pretty houseboats and taking in spectacular city night scapes.

8)    The Californian beach town of Santa Cruz is heavenly in the summer. Stroll along the boardwalk on a sunny day (the temperatures will stay in the twenties), then explore the Santa Cruz’s beaches before riding out into the water in a kayak to explore the Monterey Bay.

9)    Hike mountain trails which overlook breathtaking beaches at Acadia National Park, ME. We promise some truly spectacular views!

10) Celebrate America’s great presidents and enjoy dramatic mountain views at Mount Rushmore. You can expect daytime temperatures which are very bearable, which drop to a breezy, easy to sleep level at night.

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