The best Caribbean resorts for a winter timeshare getaway

The frost has set in, the days are short, it’s snowing in parts of northern Europe and summer seems a lifetime away.

Yes it’s time to plan that vitamin D top up and book in some real relaxation in the shade of a palm tree so check out our top picks of Caribbean resorts to head to for Winter 14/15.

First up, ever-popular Jamaica is a safe bet as one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean. Another advantage is that there are a number of yachting holidays to choose from in the region if you’d rather be out on the crystal clear water enjoying those island views. Check out CLC World’s shared ownership yachting holidays for a timeshare break with a difference.

Head a little further south and you get to St Lucia, well known for its black beaches and incredible jungle-covered scenery. Top places to stay include fractional ownership resort Freedom Bay, the 5-star Six Senses Resort with its stunning onsite Spa.

Punta Cana is also a great choice for a sun-and-nature centric getaway. Situated in the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic,  a mild wind from the Atlantic provides cooling breezes. Explore the natural marine pools, walk along the white sandy beaches and unwind in the warm seas.

Although many hotels appear year after year on lists, this year there’s a new debut W Retreat Spa on the island of Vieques where you’ll find sweet little fishing villages (get there now before it becomes another tourist hot spot!)

For many, though, the top vacation ownership pick could well be The Reefs Club in Bermuda. This is the type of place that sees customers return year after year due to its world-class spa and private sandy cove, making it appear on the creme de la creme travel lists for 10 years in a row. Relax in this cliff-side hotel, grab a good book and breathe in the fresh sea air and forget those snow symbols all over the European weather map on the nine o’clock news!


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