Azure launches new Fractional Yacht Ownership Programme Azure Ultra

Azure has launched a new yachting holiday ownership programme, the latest addition to its luxury lifestyle holiday collection. The fractional yacht ownership model means members can now enjoy a holiday in Malta and see the island from a whole new perspective for the first time.

The Sunseeker yachts are based at Malta’s famous Grand Harbour Marina, known for its crystal clear water and picturesque coastline and sunny, mild year-round climate.

Azure Ultra’s yachting holiday membership was designed to offer Azure members all the pleasures of a holiday on the Med – without the maintenance and cost headaches that come with full time yacht ownership.

The co-ownership model will offer flexible member-exclusive options, meaning that owners will have the freedom to exchange yacht usage with a choice of land-based prestigious timeshare resort holidays around the world, too, if they prefer.  They can also charter their week(s) to generate income – another option available within the brand new programme.

British TV presenter Anne Davies, Azure’s ambassador, introduces Azure Ultra and shows off the sleek Sunseeker yachts in a video filmed onboard one of the yachts 

Azure’s new fractional yacht ownership plan has been designed to indulge guests in all the luxuries of the “yacht set”  lifestyle, so they can enjoy a complete VIP experience and simply switch off and relax onboard.

Grand Harbour Marina is a UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site which enjoys 500 years of tradition. Nowadays the ancient harbour offers visitors a host of chic restaurants and bars and it is one of the few yacht specific compliant ports in the Mediterranean and the only one in Malta.

The yacht ownership is based on a simple formula where clients actually pay for the time spent aboard their yacht asset, when they will be looked after by a top class yacht management team, with a captain and stewardess service to ensure all the details are taken care of while clients sit back, relax and soak up Malta’s sea air and long days of warm, blue sky sunshine.

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