As spring city break season approaches, Paris tops the "best city list"

Paris has pipped London for the No. 1 spot in the bi-annual City Brand Index by Anholt-Gfk. The French city of love beat 49 other world cities, proving yet again that it has timeless and international appeal.

The survey results were analysed in September 2015 (before the Paris attacks later last year), and the US and Australia dominate many of the listings. 

The top ten cities of 2015 are:

New York
Washington, DC

The well known City Brand Index measures factors such as the beauty of the city, cultural life, even educational and economic potential and opportunities, so it’s a competitive Top 50.

Simon Anholt who created the Index, said, “Our survey was conducted before the November attacks in Paris – but, if past experience is anything to go by, such attacks do not change people’s perceptions of the city in any significant or long-lasting way.  There may be a temporary change in people’s behaviour towards Paris – but the attacks do not affect the reasons why people might admire the city’s beauty, cultural life, opportunities, etc. and this is what CBI measures.” 

The Index evaluates the overall image and appeal each city has, via six different factors:

Presence (i.e. the city’s international world stage status)

Place – things like transport and outdoors attractions and amenities

Pre-requisites – basic factors including affordable accommodation and the level of public amenities

People – various factors including how friendly a city it is, how safe it feels and cultural mix.

Pulse – as in, variety is the spice of life, interesting things to do

Potential – economic and educational opportunities that are available.

With spring – and Valentine’s Day – around the corner, the City of Love will be welcoming visitors from all over the world who come for the culture, history, style and inimitable Parisian vibe which make it so completely unique.  And, lucky for those of us who live in the UK, it’s only a Eurostar ride away… 

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