ABTA’s Top Tips for the Summer Holidays

With the long, hazy days of summer already simmering away, our thoughts are starting to slip to holiday mode.

For those who are jetting off to sunnier climes for a break at their timeshare resort, the travel association ABTA has revealed its top essential travel tips to help Brits enjoy a hassle free holiday:

*  Check your passport in plenty of time – Avoid having to pay extra to fast track your passport renewal by checking its expiry date long before you travel. Remember, if you’re travelling outside of Europe, you may also need six months validity after your departure date on your passport, so it pays to check well ahead.

*  Weigh your luggage – Avoid the sting of extra luggage costs by weighing your cases at home

*  Let your bank know you’re heading overseas – If you don’t tell your bank when you’re abroad, they may block your card from transactions to prevent fraud.

*  Be careful what you bring back – If you’re travelling outside of Europe, bringing back food can be illegal. Check before you buy.

*  Make your drinks last longer – spirit measures overseas are often more generous than those in the UK, so save money by asking for a mixer instead.

*  Buy travel insurance – Always shell out for travel insurance to avoid risking extortionate medical fees. For example, treatment for a broken leg in the US costs around £44,000.

*  Get vaccinated – If you’re travelling to somewhere exotic, be sure to pay your doctor a visit to get covered with relevant jabs.

*  Lunch like the locals – Avoid the sunburned Brit abroad look by joining the locals as they disappear from the beach when the sun is at its peak. Instead, go and enjoy a leisurely lunch in the shade!

*  Learn how to say a few words in the local language – it won’t take long and it will be greatly appreciated.

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