9 Reasons to take a summer timeshare break in Cornwall

There is nowhere quite like Cornwall on a warm sunny day…long walks along its beautiful beaches, stopping off for an ice cream or Cornish cream tea. This gorgeous area of Britain is a worthy favourite with British timeshare owners in the summer months thanks to its great surfing, delicious food and beautiful unspoilt landscape.


The Cornish countryside is the perfect escape from the big cities, so pack the car and get out of London and enjoy this idyllic landscape. Everything feels fresher and purer when you’re surrounded by farms and wildlife so grab your wellies and get out and soak up all this magnificent scenery!  You’ll work up an appetite just walking to a local country pub for a Cornish pasty, and if you’re visiting while celebrating a special occasion, did you know Cornwall produces its own very British bubbly – champagne? 


Cornwall is practically an island, almost entirely surrounded by water. This is sea faring country so boat clubs are in abundance. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or not there’s nothing more calming than getting out on the water with the family. Hire a boat for the day and pootle about or book yourself in for a private lesson and learn the ropes!

The food

Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein really put the region on the food map but even before they “discovered” it, this area has been producing top class organic fare for decades. Cornwall has long been a foodie hotspot as a result of its local specialities like Cornish ice cream, cream teas and, of course, the world famous Cornish pasty (invented for Cornwall’s miners back in the day as a snack lunch instead of a sandwich, so the story goes). The food and restaurants here always have a lovely rustic feel to them and you can’t get fresher fish, meat and produce than here, as farming and fishing are the main industries down in the southwest.

Cornish art

St Ives and art are synonymous…and for good reason! There’s a buzzing art scene in Cornwall. With so many stunning views and perfect light around, the artwork is always amazing with artists really capturing the essence of Cornwall. If you’re in St Ives you must pop into the Tate Gallery which is full of interesting work by local artists.


Cornwall is renowned for its local and farmer’s markets packed with a tempting array of artisan products perhaps, in fact it has really made a name for itself thanks to the quality and rustic creativity here. Make sure you go along as you’ll find some perfect handmade gifts to take back home as well as some yummy things to take to the beach for a picnic.

Peace and quiet

Just the thought of being in Cornwall and walking through the streets filled with the smell of fish and chips is a lot of people’s idea of happy.  It’s the perfect place to relax and step back from our hectic lives. You’ll be able to fully disconnect sooner than you think, though. Some parts have painfully slow internet and non-existent phone signal, but no worries – you’re on holiday, after all! Instead, find some good books, go for long walks and watch the sun set as you recharge those batteries.


Local life revolves around Cornwall’s pretty beaches, whether it is water sports, eating or partying, the beaches are the hubs of the area, and there are beaches to suit anyone and everyone, from Watergate Bay’s surf crowd hot spot to cute little hideaway bays.

Quaint villages

Doc Martin fans already love the pretty Cornish village it’s set in, but in fact all Cornish villages, with few exceptions, look like they are straight out of a children’s book! Soak up the quintessentially British film feel as you wander through idyllic and picturesque cottages, pubs and corner shops. Hire a bike and cycle through the towns, stopping for a cooling ice cream in the summer heat before finishing the day with a hearty pub supper before bed.

Cornish people

West country folk are known for being wonderfully friendly and welcoming. It may seem strange at first when every person you walk past greets you with a smile. You’ll be chatting to all the locals in no time.

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