A 60-second Food Tour of Malaga

Those who’ve spent many a sun-soaked day in Malaga will know it’s a modern, late night, very vibrant city with all the atmosphere of a busy Mediterranean port.

It’s bustling with coffee shops, ice cream parlours and ample amounts of bars and restaurants where you can cool off after a walk in the afternoon heat.  Flamenco is the soundtrack to this historic city and Picasso is its most famous son, so if you haven’t been yet, and are thinking of going soon, chances are you’ll be captivated on your very first visit! Here’s a useful, quick guide to eating out in the city, including two of my favourite places, La Cosmopolita and the Cafe Central.


Malaguenos are not known for being early risers, so go with the flow and after your lazy morning drifting in and out of market stalls and coffee shops, why not treat yourself to a long lunch at Malaga favourite, La Cosmopolita?

Or stroll down the Calle Molina Larios and find yourself an outside table and order a plates of typically southern Spanish tapas to taste and share. The seafood salads are typical fare, or for a more unusual mix, dive into a bowl of butter beans with clams – delicious!

Café Central is another really good lunchtime spot – it’s one of the most popular in Malaga and bang in the centre, right on the main pedestrian square, so it makes for fabulous people-watching. Grab yourself a cold beer and a plate of rosada frita (fried fish) while you enjoy a series of impromptu serenades by an array of street performers!


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