5 reasons to take a timeshare break in October

If the blustery days and the grey, autumnal skies have already got you hunting for travel inspiration, then you’re not alone – October is one of our favourite months to travel. From autumn sun to exciting festivals, here are our five good reasons (and places) to get away this month.

1)    Autumn Sunshine

Sun worshippers should jet straight to their timeshare resort in Cyprus to enjoy the sizzling temperatures, clear blue skies and the perfect beach break – even in October. While October is often wet elsewhere in the Med, Cyprus still enjoys hours of sunshine a day, temperatures of around 28C, and warm seas. Head to the far west of the island for the more unspoiled and beautiful destinations.

2)    Oktoberfest

Munich is one of our favourite city break destinations, but it’s the world-famous beer festival that gets the tourists (and lederhosen) flowing. The festival, more than 200 years old, boasts plenty of beer tents, which make for a perfectly wild last-minute getaway with friends and although this year’s Oktoberfest began in September, there’s still time as it ends in early October with spectacular celebrations.

3)    Cooler Temperatures

While the summer can be unbearably hot, October brings much milder – and more pleasant – temperatures to the likes of Jordan. Here, you can enjoy balmy temperatures or around 20C as you take in spectacular sights including the Roman ruins at Jerash, the splendid mosaic floors in Madaba, a swim in the Dead Sea, camping in the desert at Wadi Rum (Lawrence of Arabia country), a visit to Petra and a couple of days on the beach in Aqaba. Closer to home, Marrakech’s day time temperatures will still feel like summer and did you know it’s even quicker to fly to Marrakech from Britain than to the Canary Islands? Morocco’s beaches are never crowded in autumn, so if you love a whole strip of sand to yourself, this is the destination to head for.

4)    Autumn Colour

With the mustard, burned orange and aubergine leaves, what better time is there to visit the beautiful Lake District, one of Britain’s all time favourite timeshare getaways? Since Cumbria is the wettest county in England, it makes sense to go at a time when you don’t expect too much of the weather – plus, it gives you the perfect chance to explore the mysterious landscapes, or retire in front of a roaring fire with a good book.

5)    Halloween

If you want to be truly spooked by the most fearsome ghouls and unearthly creatures, then a trip to New York may be just the ticket this Halloween. The Americans take Halloween very seriously, so you can expect New York to be full of parades and partygoers, as well as a spectacular progression of monstrous figures winding their way up Sixth Avenue, from Spring Street to 21st Street. About two million New Yorkers turn out, so be sure to find your costume well in advance.

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