5 Ideas for an Egg-celent Easter Getaway

Easter Sunday falls on 27 March this year, which means it’s on the cusp weather-wise as we’ll just have hit the official start of spring, a lovely way to kick off a four day holiday!

If you’re planning to egg-scape and banking on some sunshine, here are five ideas on where the sun should be shining and the restaurants filling up nicely


Not the warmest, compared to the Canary Islands or Morocco, but you should get plenty of sunshine and average temperatures of around 17C are impressive compared to what we can expect in the UK – although heatwaves during Easter in Britain have happened before!  Plus, the big advantage of one of Greece’s largest islands (and most southerly located), is that every main town in Crete is worth visiting and quite different – there’s a really different feel from resort to resort.  From Venice-style Chania with its distinctive domed skyline to Heraklion and Rethymno, it’s easy to see why Crete keeps calling you back.  So with plenty of beaches, plenty of history and a generous sprinkling of tavernas, shops and beautiful drives, Crete is a hard one to beat and the Greeks really know how to celebrate this time of year.


You’ll be glad you’re visiting in the spring and not the heat of summer, as Seville really can get hot – in fact, it’s not unknown for temperatures to hit the high forties in July and August. But spring is another thing altogether.  Expect around 19C of sunshine, plenty of colour around the countryside thanks to all the spring wildflowers and as city centres go, Seville’s is an ideal combination of pretty, elegant, historic and fascinating – it’s a wonderful town to explore, with its river, bridges and landmarks.  The Easter celebrations in Spain are sombre affairs, however – so if you’ve got small children, you’d be better off at a beach resort or back in Greece.


Chances are, Lanzarote will be the warmest this Easter, as temperatures are steady all year round and you can already expect double digits in the twenties – probably 22C or possibly a little higher! A good option for couples, with a wonderful choice of romantic resorts, pretty villages to visit and quite a chic vibe in many parts, this is an island to look at if you’re not travelling with children. There’s lots of wine-tasting to be done, hills to cycle or hike and if you’ve never surfed, why not make this holiday the time you finally get on that board! There’s much more to Lanzarote than meets the eye, so check out the official tourist website(s) before you go.


Rather like Malaga, its Spanish counterpart, a lot of holidaymakers fly into Faro then whizz right past it, in their haste to get to their timeshare resort.  Like Lanzarote, this is another destination which will really suit couples down to the ground.  Faro’s charming, sun-bleached old homes and churches make for picturesque postcards.  The weather should be pretty wonderful – lots of sun and around 21C, and you can’t beat it from an easy-to-get-to perspective.  As soon as you’ve picked up your suitcase from the conveyer belt and get through passport control one last time, you’ll be in the city within 5-10 minutes!


The little fishing village that grew into one of the most famous jet-set destinations before it went “mass tourism” still holds plenty of charm if you explore its casco antiguo (historic centre).  This is one of the prettiest southern Spanish towns at night, full of cobbled streets, intimate wine bars, little tapas bars and cafes where you can linger over a coffee and brandy and just watch the world go by. The nightlife in Puerto Banus, however, is another matter – it’s all Ferraris and celebrities, but if this floats your boat, you’ll love checking all the action out! If you’re taking the kids, there’s lots to do.  Most of the beaches have a little chiringuito with sunloungers so you can have a late breakfast, lunch or dinner (in your bikini!) while if you’re bringing the golf clubs, it’s welcome to heaven.  The Costa del Sol has more golf courses than any other place in Europe “per capita”, so you’ll be spoilt for choice and probably lucky with the weather too, as it should average around 20C while you’re there.

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