4 Destinations that just got cheaper this Summer

If you’ve been thinking about a really different destination for your next timeshare escape instead of the usual fly-and-flop Spanish sun-lounger break, we’ve pulled together a list of destinations where prices are really reasonable right now.

Here are four of the best bargain destinations of 2015, along with the reasons they’re well worth adding to your travel shortlist this season.


One country, many different holiday options! France is still, and probably always will be, one of the prime timeshare destinations for British holidaymakers and what makes it such a longstanding favourite is the myriad of completely different regions – all in one, very big country! And latest reports show accommodation prices have dropped slightly compared to last year.

From Provence in the south to Normandy in the north, each region is famous for its local wines, liqueurs and produce, and there are few destinations better than this if you’re hankering after a food-and-travel style holiday.

If you’re going, and want to do some local wine and cheese-tasting, it’s a good idea to contact local producers ahead of time.  The big ones will have visiting times and the smaller, independent producers are often delighted to show you around – as long as you call ahead and let them know.


TripAdvisor reported recently that average accommodation rates here are down by a whopping 45% – a huge price difference if you’ve been wanting to take a luxury break in Moscow or the “golden” city of St. Petersburg for a long time, but haven’t managed to fit in a trip to Russia yet.


Home to one of the hippest capitals in northern Europe, Stockholm, Sweden is refreshingly cool in summer. Now is the best time to really get out and about and discover the cafes, bars, bistros, galleries and design boutiques the city has to offer, well before the chill of winter kicks in.

The Swedes are masters of minimalist design, so Stockholm is a great place to pick up things like avant-garde kitchen gadgets or chic knits in low key neutrals.  Although accommodation prices have dropped, be aware that food and drink prices can be on the steep side.


If you’re watching your holiday spending then the land of sand, sea, snow (yes!), golf and souks will ensure your money goes a lot further than it would in most other places.

In fact many travel experts would say Marrakech is “the” place to go if you love luxe-on-a-budget.

Marrakech was voted the number one destination in Africa by TripAdvisor users this year, but beach destination Essaouira where the seagulls almost outnumber the locals is now following hot on its heels now that direct flights have launched from London Luton to Essaouira with easyJet.

Moroccan gifts like beautifully-painted ceramics, babooshkas (pointed slip on sandals), leather handbags, amlou (a delicious breakfast spread made with crushed toasted almonds, argan oil and honey) and lashings of silver Berber jewellery are all so much cheaper when you buy them in Morocco, so why not stock up on gifts here to take home…for Christmas?

Morocco was also voted the third friendliest country in the world in a large recent survey – the locals will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and if you’ve never had a sweet and spicy tagine, you’re in for an exotic treat!


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