4 completely unique Greek Islands perfect for a Spring Timeshare Break

Springtime on a Greek island happens while many parts of Europe are still slowly emerging from the big chill. Purple and yellow wildflowers carpeting olive tree-dotted countryside…longer, sunnier days… tavernas opening again for Easter… the promise of a fresh, new season.

In the same way that Italy’s islands each have their own very distinctive flavour, the different character of each Greek Island means you can pick your favourite or island-hop for a taste of three or four.

From party islands like Mykonos to the jaw-dropping clifftop sunsets of Santorini, here’s a quick guide to four completely different islands for the perfect Greek getaway this spring.

1. Santorini

Whitewashed hilltop churches against the deepest blue sky…it can only be Santorini! Santorini lies far south in the Cyclades chain and because it’s made of volcanic rock, some of its beaches have black sand, which is one of the reasons it’s famous.

This is the island many say is the Lost City of Atlantis and it has an energy that’s almost tangible. The scenery is so picturesque it’s hard to take a bad photo – domed churches and white-washed houses against a backdrop of sparkling sea…Santorini is many people’s favourite Greek getaway (it’s popular with couples) and once you’ve been it’s obvious why…

2. Mykonos

Partying till dawn is the name of the game in Mykonos – there are quieter parts but a lot of the beaches are home to beach clubs and night clubs, where Mykonos fans return year after year.

While Santorini is quieter and more of a romantic destination, Mykonos is far more high energy.  Don’t miss Caprice in Mykonos Town, with its waters-edge views and amazing cocktails.

3. Corfu

Timeshare family favourite Corfu is one of Greece’s lushest islands – it gets quite a bit of rain in winter, which keeps the mountains green and the wildflowers colourful! Every resort is different, from popular Kavos to Pelekas, the highest point on the whole island which used to be a hippy hangout.  For something a little different, don’t miss Old Perithia, a village in the north east at the foot of Mount Pantokrator, you’ll feel like you’re going back in time. If you’ve yet to discover Corfu and love Venice, you’ll feel at home in Corfu Town with its many Italian architectural influences and the food is superb, too.

4. Naxos

… is probably the greenest of the Cyclades (it’s been dubbed the Greek Hawaii). Rather like Santorini, Naxos has its loyal fans who come for the seemingly endless 100 kilometres of white beaches and pretty white houses. Dionysus found his true love on Naxos and it’s easy to fall in love with the scenery, history, food, wine and culture on this charming island, too.

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