3 Destinations for a Sun-soaked Spring Timeshare Break

Being able to count on guaranteed sun (with that all important warmth factor) in early spring starts to feel like one of life’s real luxuries after making it through a northern European winter.

So we’re shining the spotlight today on 3 unique destinations where you’re guaranteed to have a great timeshare holiday with plenty to get to see and do around town, even if the weather does fail on the occasional day…


Home of the biggest Easter celebrations anywhere in Spain, Seville’s mix of good shopping, great restaurants, vibrant locals and full-on flamenco flavour tips the balance well in its favour as a spring destination.

The wildflowers across the local countryside are in full bloom and it’s often T-shirt weather, while the evenings slowly start to warm up, too. Seville airport is small and very manageable, so you won’t have to face the massive crowds of somewhere like Palma de Mallorca, and whether you fancy non-stop sun tanning by the pool or getting out to see the historic centre with its beautiful river and bridges and look around the shops, there’s always a lot going on in this sun-soaked city.

Capetown, South Africa

It may be a long haul flight to get there, but the time difference works in the UK’s favour because by the time you arrive in Capetown you’ll almost be on the same time as Britain. Making it less likely that you’ll suffer from the jet lag that can set in after flights from London to, say, LA – where the time difference is “night and day”!

Take the Table Mountain Cable car for the best views of the mountains and coast, do the Garden Route Drive, or set off on a wine tour of this area’s superb vineyards –Franschoek being one of the stops you’ll want to make along the way.

The Garden Route has a “microclimate” different from anywhere else on the continent so it’s flooded with gorgeous flora and fauna – there are around 2,000 native species of plants, more than anywhere in the whole of the UK. March can get rainy in parts of South Africa but you should be OK around Capetown.

Lots of things happen on Capetown’s March calendar! Sporting events, cycling races (the Cape Town Cycle Tour takes place in early March), the Infecting The City arts festival takes place around the same time and then around 12th it’s Carnival time!


If you’re feeling particularly sun-and-warmth deprived after minus temperatures in the UK, Marrakech is one of the safest bets for warm hospitality and matching weather. Swiss timeshare specialists Hapimag have a luxury resort in the beautiful La Palmeraie area a few minutes out of the city – the perfect base if sun-loungers, shopping and excursions sound like your cup of (mint?) tea. 

So much more exotic than Europe, and much less commercial than say Dubai, Morocco’s tourism has been thriving in recent years, thanks to its new offering of beach, golf, ski, Sahara and cultural holidays. You can’t ride a camel on the Costa del Sol and it’s always about 8 degrees warmer in Marrakech than Malaga in winter and spring – so Morocco in March ticks a lot of boxes if non-stop poolside sunshine is what you’re after!

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