Cruise liners ban smoking on balconies


Some of the world’s biggest cruise liners have announced that they will no longer allow smoking on private balconies.

Disney Cruise Line, Cunard and P&O all confirmed that smoking will not be permitted on balconies on their ships.

Over half of British travellers who regularly book cruises say they’d support a ban smoking on their cabin balconies, according to new survey.

Cruise reviews website Cruise Critic says 54 per cent of those questioned agree that smoking on balconies should not be permitted.

And almost one quarter of those surveyed – 24 per cent – went further and felt that smoking should be banned in all areas of cruise liners.

Spokespeople for the firms said that the decision came as a result of customer feedback and safety concerns. Smoking will still be allowed in designated lounges and outside deck areas.

The ban will take effect on November 15 on the Disney ships, but not until March on P&O and April on Cunard.

Last month Royal Caribbean became the latest major cruise operator to ban smoking on the balconies of its ships.

The order will come into force on 1 January 2014 (although the company’s Asia-based liners are currently exempt), and will be backed by punitive fines of approximately £190.

Smoking is already banned inside all staterooms on Royal Caribbean vessels – and in public areas except for casinos, and on the starboard side of outer decks.

Royal Caribbean’s move comes in the wake of similar decisions by rival operators.

Cunard and Seabourn have already restricted smoking areas on their ships earlier this summer.

Currently, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line are among the only major operators which still allow smoking on balconies.

“Smoking on board cruise ships is a highly debated and contentious issue within the cruise industry,” says Adam Coulter, the UK editor of Cruise Critic.

“Cruisers have very strong opinions on this topic, as revealed in this survey.”

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