Cruise…or Beach Holiday? Which one gets your vote?

For many, a cruise is the ultimate holiday, watching the sun set in one exotic destination and waking up in another pretty Mediterranean port.

So if you had to choose between a seriously relaxing beach break or a cruise to new ports of call, which would you choose as your dream holiday?

If you’re thinking of booking a cruise for the first time, perhaps for a special celebration this year, here are the pros and cons to both.

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The Choice

Cruises: Timeshare owners can often use their points towards a cruise and the beauty of a week’s cruise is that it won’t limit you to one destination. Instead, you could visit up to five exotic locations, or even ten on a two-week break. A cruise will enable you to visit places that you wouldn’t normally on a beach holiday, meaning you’ll get more for your money. And overall it’s probably a more sociable break than a beach escape might be, so if you love meeting new people a cruise ticks a lot of boxes.

Beach break: While visiting numerous locations may appeal to many, there is a huge variety of locations to sun yourself in – and you’ll really get to know the place after a week’s holiday. Whether you’re looking for Caribbean getaways or classic European resorts, there are dozens of options for couples, families, singles or groups.

Food and Drink

Cruises: Famously, you’ll never go hungry onboard a cruise. All ships offer your basic three meals a day free of charge, with huge buffets and menus to allow even the fussiest of eaters a good choice. Many ships also have restaurants, cafes and eateries too, which you can upgrade to for a small price. The choice and quantity of food onboard is usually staggering.

Beach break: If you’d rather experience local food and venturing out for some tapas or authentic cuisine, then a beach break is your best friend. If your idea of heaven is trying out the authentic restaurants recommended by locals, sipping wine from nearby vineyards or tasting olive oil from surrounding fields, a land-based break is obviously the one to take.

The R&R

Cruises: E is for Entertainment! Here, you can wake up to a different view every single day. Whether or not you choose to disembark and explore somewhere new or stay on board to rest and relax using the pools and spas is up to you. There are also plenty of events and activities, especially to keep kids entertained. And from West End-style theatre style shows to singers, comedians, jazz bars, casinos and much more, there’s plenty to keep the adults smiling too.

Beach break: A beach break is renowned for being the perfect place to relax and unwind. Whether you simply want to spread your towel and open a bestseller, or head to a family-friendly resort that will keep the children busy, a beach holiday is perfect for time out. Most resorts also offer watersports and shopping excursions, as well as a taste of culture but if you choose a quieter resort, evening entertainment options might be limited to dinner and the occasional jazz evening at your hotel.

The Culture

Cruises: At every stop, you can head off on a pre-organised excursions or simply make up your own itinerary and explore the range of destinations on your own. From shopping to sightseeing, animal watching, sunbathing and cultural visits, most cruises will offer a range of stops to cater for all wants and needs. By the time you return home, you’ll feel as if you’ve had a floating tour of different cultures – a cruise is such a fantastic way of seeing a lot in a relatively short space of time.

Beach breaks: Beach breaks don’t necessarily have to mean you stay close to your base, but you need to factor in the cost of care hire if you’re planning to do a lot of exploring. Many beach holidays offer a huge selection of excursions, from historical sites to family fun parks and cultural attractions. You can also hire a car so that you can explore at your leisure, without being herded around in a large group.

The Accommodation:

Cruises: While many may think of small, pokey cabins, most ships have cabins with windows and balconies. You can sleep with your balcony door open and wake to the ocean lapping at the ship. Meanwhile, you can book luxury suites on most ships, some with butler service, and you won’t have far to wander after dinner and some live entertainment and cocktails before it’s time to hit the pillow.

Beach breaks: This is where beach breaks tend to win over cruises, hands down – you’ll have more space – on the other hand you won’t have a different view from up on deck every morning! There are plenty of luxurious hotels to pick from now, whether you want a sweeping beach view or a self-catering villa with your own swimming pool. Timeshare properties offer more room, well equipped kitchens and overall a much greater choice of accommodation – whether you’re looking for great amenities, a hotel right on the beach or somewhere close to great entertainment and nightlife, a sun, sand, sea and pool timeshare break will tick those all important, battery recharging boxes!

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