Costa Concordia: Seven more Costa Cruises Staff under Investigation

Following the disastrous events of January 13th, seven more Costa Cruises staff are now being questioned about the tragedy.

Captain Schettino remains under house arrest on charges of manslaughter and shipwreck, Staff Captain Ciro Ambrosio is also under investigation and four Consordia officers and three Costa employees, including the head of the cruise line’s crisis unit, Roberto Ferrarini, are all now involved in the ongoing questioning.

The seven are being questioned in relation to possible charges of multiple manslaughter, shipwreck and failing to alert maritime authorities, but none have been charged, detained or arrested.

In a statement, Costa said: "We have complete faith in the judicial system and we have offered our fullest collaboration to the authorities from the very beginning. We have no doubt that (the) professionalism of our company, as well as the ability of our onboard and ashore people to cope with this extraordinary emergency, will be recognised."

Thirty-two people died in the disaster and this week four more bodies have been recovered from the wreck of the Costa Concordia, more than a month after it ran into rocks off the Tuscan coastline. Italian media say one of the bodies found was that of a five year old girl, discovered in the submerged part of the ship.

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