RDO Head Office

We regret that our offices are not open to the general public – all enquiries should be made to our consumer services department by email on info@rdo.oro or by post to RDO, 4th Floor, 45 Monmouth Street, London, WC2H 9DG. For information on RDO and RDO members, please visit www.rdo.org

If you are unsure of company’s credentails, we would advise you to visit www.timesharebusinesscheck.org. The website is operated by the Timeshare Task Force (TTF), which is managed by Kwikchexand financed by RDO.

For information and assistance relating to companies who are not a member of RDO, or for general information and advice pertaining to timeshare matters, consumers can also contact the Timeshare Helpline, which is operated and run by Kwikchex, who are approved by the UK Trading Standards:

·       Telephoning from the UK: 01823 510625
·       Telephoning from outside the UK: 00 44 1823 510625
·       Email: info@timesharetaskforce.org