If you're single, male and in your 30s, congratulations! You're the perfect airline passenger

Next time you’re jetting off to your timeshare resort, spare a thought for the cabin crew…

Flight attendants recently revealed their pet hates as well as their “ideal passenger” in a new survey conducted by Skyscanner.

It turns out that if you’re single, male and in your 30s, then congratulations – hundreds of cabin crew have named you as the perfect airline passenger!

In the survey, more than 700 international cabin crew identified the best passengers as men aged between 31 and 40, who travel for pleasure rather than business, and sit in economy class.

British cabin crew also revealed that English men are most likely to be the perfect passenger, with men from Wales deemed less popular for some reason.

Luxury-loving passengers are also to be avoided – they can be too demanding – with cabin crew stating that they usually prefer to work in economy class rather than in first or business class.

Meanwhile, the flight attendants also revealed some of their passenger pet hates.

Passengers clicking their fingers to attract a cabin crew member’s attention was the biggest bugbear by quite a long shot, with 26 per cent of inflight staff stating this all too common habit annoyed them.

Other irritating habits included rushing to leave the plane before seatbelt signs are turned off, trying to cram too much – or too heavy – hand luggage in overhead lockers, talking through safety demonstrations, and stuffing rubbish into the seat pockets.

These complaints tie in with the most popular bugbears among cabin crew outside this survey, in general, which include passengers who are reluctant to switch off their phones or electronic devices when the pilot requests they be turned off; spending too much time in the toilets causing queues and blocking the aisle; and frustratingly indecisive passengers without the correct money or currency to pay for food when the drinks and snacks trolley rolls around.



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