Will new planes have no windows?

What would it feel and look like to fly abroad in a plane with no windows?

We might be finding out sooner than we think!

A new supersonic jet is on the way soon – but without windows, to make it fly faster – says its designer Spike Aerospace.

The company plans to replace cabin windows with ultra-thin display screens embedded in the wall of the body of the plane instead.

Spike says windows actually add weight to a plane so by not including them, the contemporary design will reduce drag and speed up flight times.

To replace the windows, cameras recording the environment outside the plane will display pictures on the screens inside the aircraft and passengers will be able to dim screens or change images – not great, perhaps, for those with a fear of flying, but it’s an exciting development and concept.

US-based Spike Aerospace plans to launch the first supersonic S-512 supersonic business jet in 2018, which it claims will literally cut in half the flying time to the destinations it intends to service.

Predicted journey times for example from New York to London would be an incredible three to four hours and Los Angeles to Tokyo could take just eight hours.

This means a London to the Big Apple trip would take the same time as a holiday to Turkey, in the future, and for those for whom time is (a lot of) money, flight innovations such as this could really change the business world, and ultimately the way we all travel, one day.

“In time, supersonic travel will be available to everyone so they can explore more of the world, faster,” said a Spike spokesperson.

Spike is working with a team of engineers, consultants and partners with years of experience at Boeing, Gulfstream, Airbus. Eclipse, NASA, JPL and other aerospace companies.

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