Want to text your friends from 30,000 ft? Now you can on Aer Lingus

Timeshare owners who happen to be jetting off with Aer Lingus’ on a long haul flight can now use their own mobile phones to text friends and family at over 30,000 feet, as the airline unveils its own in-flight roaming service, AeroMobile, across all seven of the Airbus A330 aircraft.

Irish passengers using Three Ireland, Vodafone Ireland and O2 Ireland can all access the AeroMobile network in-flight, while travellers from the US on AT&T and T-Mobile will also be able to text and use the internet.

AeroMobile also has roaming agreements with over 220 mobile phone operators worldwide, from the Netherlands, the UAE and Singapore, to Estonia and New Zealand.

Kevin Rogers, chief executive of AeroMobile, said: “With the launch of AeroMobile services on Aer Lingus’ transatlantic routes, Irish passengers are certainly well-served with in-flight connectivity; there are now up to 140 flights a week coming in and out of Ireland on AeroMobile-equipped aircraft.”

In the last six months, more than 20,000 passengers have connected to the AeroMobile network on flights operated by Etihad, Emirates and SAS serving Ireland, sending 9,000 text messages from the cabin.

Prices are typically similar to ‘rest of world’ terrestrial roaming rates.


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