United Airlines first to soar into London's new Queen's Terminal


Timeshare owners visiting Britain’s beauty spots from the States for a summer holiday will be interested to know United Airlines is to become the first company to fly into the new Queen’s Terminal at London Heathrow this June.


United Airlines revealed it will land its Chicago flight at the brand new LHR Terminal 2 in the summer. Bosses also confirmed the company will have sole operation of the terminal for two weeks until Air Canada joins it on June 18.


Other Star Alliance carriers will then move across in stages, with 23 airlines set to call the new terminal home. Aer Lingus, Virgin Atlantic Little Red and German Wings will be among those operating.


Bosses believe the terminal will serve up to 20 million passengers a year, with an average of 55,000 passengers arriving and departing daily.


Meanwhile, United Airlines also revealed that it will have its very own lounge in the terminal.


Bob Schumacher, United’s managing director for sales in the United Kingdom and Ireland, said: “The lounge is being fitted out at the moment at what they are calling T2B, which is the gate where our flights will depart from and which will be linked to T2 by an underground walkway. There will also be a Star Alliance lounge in the main body of the terminal.


“We need our own lounge because next summer we will have 18 flights a day out of Heathrow, up from 16 currently.”


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